Founded in late 2015, SpyderWeb is a growing digital agency here in Las Cruces. With clients across the nation and some internationally. While initially founding SpyderWeb with the purpose of designing websites for businesses, it quickly became apparent that our region is somewhat behind when it comes to digital marketing. Because of that, SpyderWeb has a new goal of getting our awesome city and state on the map, the Google Map that is.

Using tools and techniques used in large metropolitan areas like Seattle and San Francisco, they have helped many small businesses and large businesses in the southwest grow their online presence.

With SpyderWeb’s goal of increasing local business both online and offline, they have teamed up with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce to help them increase their online presence as well as helping other businesses get found on Google.


About the Founders


Jaiden Navarrete

Jaiden grew up in Las Cruces in a small business family. Over time, he’s seen first hand how business works and how great our community is here in Las Cruces.

Through high school and even before, Jaiden enjoyed tinkering with programs and creating websites. As time passed, he realized he enjoyed designing and developing websites. In school, he turned his attention to advanced education in web design and programming. With secular education as well as self-education, he has increased his knowledge and continues to do so in a continuously evolving field of work.


Jonathan Garcia