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What is SEO?



All search engines use a ranking system to display information from first to last. These search engines place results in different ranking based off of a number of factors. A few of those factors are;

Quality, Mobile friendliness and quality.

Yes, we did say quality twice. Google and many other search engines care about where they send their users. Google will almost always favor a quality website that gives good information over a website that is low quality and is difficult to find information.

Where does SpyderWeb come in?

All of our websites are designed to meet SEO standards. However, sometimes a website just needs to be optimized. We do that by;


Keyword Research


Link Building


Fresh and Active Website

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Engage Your Customers


Review Managment


Make an Impression 

Social Media Manager

What does a Social Media Manager Do?


Social media editors are usually responsible for the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. They help with brand recognition via social channels.

Tasks include:

  • Monitoring social media and analyzing feedback and customer interaction
  • Managing posts
  • Help with creation of videos/images
  • Creating effective campaigns to maximize views and generate traffic
  • Using the latest and greatest social platforms and apps to help you keep up with today's constantly changing technology.

A Social Media Manager works closely with a web design team to monitor design themes and portray each brand in a unique and individual way.